Amerimar was terrific in helping us get moved in and set up, but better still, is the image they project for our agency. Their location is perfect for us, as it is positioned in the heart of downtown Indianapolis and just across the street from the state house. The staff answers our phones for us and maintains a professional presence, even when we are away. We were so pleased with our experience here that we have expanded and added another office space. It's rare to find, not just a landlord, but a partner that cares about what we do.

Gina Leckron
State Director
Habitat for Humanity of Indiana

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company choose an office business center for its office?

Every type of business needs to have office space of some sort. When you open a new business, you are anxious to keep costs to a minimum. The last thing you want to do is enter into a long lease commitment in an office building. Business centers like ABC can provide you with a beautiful lobby, access to meeting rooms and the talents of our staff members to assist with projects for just a small portion of what you would pay to a landlord.

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What are your lease terms?

We offer month to month agreements as well longer term agreements. The beauty of an Office Business Center is its flexibility on length of term.

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What are the benefits of shared office space?

In an Office Business Center you have access to many of the features of the facility without the high cost of running your own office. You pay for only the services that you use. You share the kitchen, conference rooms, and lobby with other professionals like yourself. It's also a great networking opportunity for you!

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What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a business service where you purchase the use of our address, telephone number and telephone answering services. Virtual offices are ideal for professionals who don't need physical office space. They may be salespeople or people working out of their home office. It allows you to expand services as your company grows without breaking your wallet! We offer flexible terms and have a variety of plans to choose from!

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When can I get started in my office?

Once you have agreed on the terms of your service agreement with us and have paid your one time fees, your office can be set up in just a couple of days. Since we are an independent operator, we provide our own phone and data connections no delays in waiting for those third party consultants to install office lines.

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What if my office needs change?

The beauty of a shared office environment is that you have flexibility. You can expand and contract as your company needs change again, no five year lease! You can always discuss your future space needs with the center manager anytime to see what can be worked out for your company down the road. Oftentimes, it can be as simple as adding the office next door to your agreement.

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